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Your Questions, My Answers

Here you will find a list of some of the most commonly asked questions. If your question is not among them, just contact me using the Contact Form.


How soon should I book my Disco?
As soon as you can! It's never too early to book - and it can be a disaster if you leave it too late, especially at busy times! Weddings are often booked 1 or 2 years in advance. In fact, as soon as you book the venue, consider booking the Disco! Same with Christmas Parties - many companies book up at or immediately after the current year, so to ensure your date is available, book as early as possible!


Can we meet you face to face?

Definetly i encourage it

Its always great to meet up a few weeks before the big day, any dj who does not offer this is not providing a professional service.


How Much?
Whether its the first or the last question, it is the one question everyone has to ask! Our prices include all necessary equipment, travelling, assembly and dismantling, pre-event contact, venue surveys etc. There are NO hidden costs. Prices are calculated based upon how long the event is, setup times, number of people attending (which tells us how much equipment/staff will be needed) and whether access to the venue is direct or indirect (stairs or upstairs venues, long treks down corridors etc!) and of course how far away the venue is. However you can be sure that our prices are extremely competitive within our market.


Do you provide a contract or written details of our booking?
Yes! All bookings are confirmed in writing, on a proper booking form, including all the relevant details. No booking is confirmed until the signed booking form and booking fee have been received by us.



Do you require a reservation fee?
We require a small non returnable reservation (booking) fee. This guarantees your booking, regardless of any other work that is offered for that date, even if it’s for more money! The remaining balance should be paid 10 days before the function, via BACS



What If I need to cancel?
Let me know as soon as possible! The booking fee is non-refundable so you will lose that. If the cancellation is less than 30 days before the event, then the full fee will be due, as its unlikely I will get another booking for that date within that period. However, it may be possible to re-arrange your booking for another date, and as long as I am available on the new date and it is within 3 months of the original date, I'll happily change the booking for you, at no extra charge. Obviously it may not be possible to re-arrange if the new date is on a premium date (e.g. December, Bank Holiday weekends).


What type of Music do you play, and will you play our requests?
Yes most definitely! I am happy for you to supply me with a small list of songs that you would like to hear, and to take requests on the night. It’s great to hear what will get people going. The one thing I would say though is that you are employing me as a professional DJ, and part of my job is to get people dancing and having fun. In that capacity, if I feel a particular track will 'kill' the atmosphere I'd rather not play it. Having said that - it’s your party, so if you really want a track played, of course I will play it! When you book your event, let me know the type and style of music you prefer, and I'll build a playlist around that, along with your requests. As far as music choice goes - I am happy playing pretty much all types of music, from 60s, thru to the current stuff. Rock nights, Dance, R&B, Party Classics, Disco, Glam Rock - all are fine by me!



How much do you use the Mic?
I'm happy to fit in with your requirements there. These days, most people don't want a DJ who talks constantly, and introduces every record, so I generally don't do that - I let the music do the talking for me! I do encourage people to come up with requests, up to dance, and will read out any announcements, requests or messages from the bar staff., I'm always happy to have a bit of banter too, if required, but am also content if you prefer me to be as minimal as possible! It’s your party - it’s your choice :-). Likewise, at weddings I am happy to announce the first dance, and any other special dances you may have, such as Mother/Son, Father/Daughter etc



How loud do you play?
That's up to you really, depending on venue requirements. Generally I play loud enough to get everyone up on the dance floor, and so they can become immersed in the atmosphere but not so loud that people cannot hold a conversation at the tables. During the buffet or meal I turn the music down to a background level, and if you want some 'quieter' time am happy to do that also. And on the day - please feel free to request I play more quietly, or even louder!